Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Quick Hits - Around The Web In 80 Seconds

Clippers F Blake Griffin’s dunk over a Kia Optima which won the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest last Saturday as part of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend will be incorporated into a TV ad.

NBC has been "quietly testing whether it can command as much as $3.5 million for 30 seconds of commercial time during its broadcast of next year's Super Bowl. That would be a record and beat the $3 million for this past Super Bowl.

UFC will be broadcasting its March 3 event in 3D. As of yet, 3D events are not yet part of the conversation since most people don't have 3D televisions. It's coming though.

No developments on Jason Bailey lawsuit against the Ducks, Condors and coached. Sides talking settlement? Based upon what I read in Bailey's Complaint, this doesn't look like the strongest wrongful dismissal case.

The Mets got a $25 million loan from Major League Baseball in November to cover their short-term operating costs. This is strongest sign to date that the team’s finances may be tenuous as team owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz face a lawsuit from the trustee for victims of Bernard Madoff that seeks to recover as much as $1 billion.

The Mets issued a statement said that they had "short-term liquidity issue". Given the circumstances, that sounds like Ronald Reagan referring to his invasion of Grenada as a "pre-dawn vertical insertion".

You have to imagine MLB will pressure Wilpon to sell majority stake in team or just get out entirely.

Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he shares responsibility for what happened to hundreds of fans who couldn't get proper seating at the Super Bowl. 

"I do, along with the NFL, take responsibility for the seating issue and some of the things that we would like to improve on regarding the seating issues," Jones said during a 30-minute interview with Cowboys beat reporters Friday morning. "The informing of the fans that were involved, the NFL and I take responsibility for. You always like to look at areas you can do better, get better. We certainly intend to and will get much better in terms of the seating and how that is handled."

Will he now apologize for the late apology?

Here's an article gauging the ratings impact if L.A. gets an NFL team. In this article, the reaction is mixed, with some believing a team in L.A. won't result in a big gain in TV ratings.

Nothing has changed on Tomas Vokoun trade watch. Here's hoping he lands on a playoff team. It's time (maybe Detroit?).

By not selling ads on jerseys, the big 4 North American teams are leaving $370 on the table according to Horizon Media. Ads on jerseys are coming - it just won't be like Nascar or European Hockey; it will be something more subtle that won't overshadow house brand (i.e., team name).

Miami Heat and LeBron James have scored the biggest gain in local TV ratings, up to 118% over last year. Biggest television ratings decrease? Cavs. They are down 4%.

Despite having a great season with marquee player Stamkos, the Lightning are in the bottom 5 in television ratings in the U.S. Nothing sunny about sunbelt NHL teams.

Li Na is big boon for tennis in China. 65 million watched her in Aussie final. Compare that to Super Bowl, which draws a shade over 100 million.

NHL teams are really getting into the virtuals ads behind nets on the glass. Ad deals are estimated in the mid 6 figures. Nest step - replace players with moving virtual ads.

Happy Saturday.

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