Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bonds Sentencing Hearing Delayed to June 17

The hearing to determine Barry Bonds' sentence has been postponed from this Friday to June 17. This is according to the USA Today.

Bonds was convicted on the obstruction of justice charge, but none of the perjury charges. As per the sentencing guidelines, Bonds could get 15 to 21 months. However, the Court has the discretion to go in any direction it wishes. If past cases are any indicator, Bonds could walk with just probation and house arrest. However, jail time is not out of the question.

The prosecution could also look to retry Bonds on any of the perjury charges. There is a reasonable possibility they won't, however they may be tempted to take another kick at the can on the perjury charge that accused Bonds of having knowingly lied about being injected (with what - doesn't matter). On that one, the jury split 11 to 1. So if that one juror had sided with the other 11, Bonds would have also been convicted of that one perjury charge.

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